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Hi I’m Lauren

I’m here to believe in you when you don’t want to believe in yourself. I’m here to have the hard conversations you don’t necessarily want to have.

I’m here to see you be the most courageous version of you. I know what it’s like to do all the ‘right’ things, you know… study hard, get a job, get promoted etc. and feel guilty for feeling like there’s gotta be more to life than this! I hear ya!

Which is why I bring a no nonsense attitude and nearly a decade of big 4 consulting to open your eyes to just how incredible you really are!

For the woman who loves a laugh, likes to take action and wants the accountability of an incredible group of women without the structure of a program. No questions are off limits! Train your brain, become the woman you want to be and make action taking your norm.

For the woman who is ready to live life rather than just existing in it. It’s time to figure out exactly who you are and what you want to do before building the mindset and routine to get you there! This includes a 6-week online course, a face to face weekend and a community of kickass women to support each you through the process.

Mindset, gorgeous international locations, exercise, a private chef… what more could you want to reset, re-evaluate and re-train your brain? Oh just throw in the odd cocktail and a community of women to support you and THAT is where magic happens!

If the sentences ‘stuff it, I’ll do it’ and ‘I’m all in’ come out of your mouth on the regular then Moxxi Elite if for you. Moxxi Elite is for those women who are ready to play full out and is a 12 month accelerated growth mastermind featuring quarterly planning getaways, fortnightly coaching, weekly accountability, crazy adventures and a group of women you’ll have to keep up with rather than drag with you!

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  • “I have attended the Moxxi workshops and been fortunate to have Lauren as my personal coach. Lauren is one of the most motivating and energised people I have ever met. She is committed to results and has held me accountable for pursuing and realising my goals."

    Magnificent Paula
    Magnificent Paula Child Protection Consultant
  • "I have found Moxxi Lady to be of huge benefit to my life and career. Lauren has strategically assisted me to improve all areas of my life and has transformed my business. Her professionalism in such a fragile space is a testament to her understanding of businesswomen. There is no challenge I have had that Lauren has not been able to help me overcome, and no call she has ever been unavailable for. Lauren is supportive, passionate and very thorough in her work. She is kind but firm. Attentive but not over-involved. I trust Lauren and her methodologies and highly recommend her for any businesswoman who wishes to reach that next set of goals and make a plan for the future."

    Incredible Amanda
    Incredible Amanda Small business Owner
  • Lauren you are my Brain Miyagi. Before I worked with you I had life 'worked out' in the most boring way and now I'm a life ninja! I had no real idea what I wanted and now I'm off building an empire, I'm happier, healthier and more motivated then I've ever been. P.s. Many more adventures to be had!  

    Magnificent Erin
    Magnificent Erin Erin, Pharmacist turned Property Ninja
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