If it's about courage, confidence & clarity you've come to the right place!

So let's get started! I'm here because (tick all that apply):

  1. I've got a great idea and don't understand how to turn it into a reality
  2. I'd be able to conquer the world if I had the right people supporting me
  3. I'm the queen (crown and all) of getting in my own way
  4. I'm successful and happy but want more
  5. I wanted juicy gossip on Lauren and Moxxi (hint: it's coming)
  6. This list, like my life just has too many options!

I love ticking boxes, but choices can make my eye's cross... Good news! In this list there are only right answers, so congratulations!


Who Does She Think She Is?

I'm Lauren Heys, my passion is helping incredible women live courageously to have the life they want - rather than one they are obligated to!

I have spent nearly a decade in international consulting for some of the biggest brands in the business and coached women all over the world I've come to realise that our minds are not only the most valuable asset we have but, often, also our biggest enemy!

Why Coaching?

Much like an athlete has a coach to motivate, guide and support them to be the best athlete they can be, I help my clients to define what they really want and break it all down into simple to implement steps to get results!

Through my flagship program Moxxi Lady, I give exceptional women super practical and actionable guidance so they can get clear on why they want what they want, why they act the way they do, and how to get the results they are truly after while enjoying the process!

Sounds Amazing and Terrifying At The Same Time, Right?!

Welcome to the world of personal growth... where magic happens. To find out more we are only ever a phone call away!

Here's The Juicy Gossip!

Lauren is a lover of all things life.

Hailing from Tasmania and one of 60 grandchildren, Lauren will be one of the most motivating and energised people you’ve ever met.

With a penchant for extreme sports and adventure, Lauren tries everything twice and always gives 100%.

A Life Coach for several years, Lauren lived a previous life in the corporate world climbing the ladder at Accenture and Ernst & Young as well as a stint in international aid at CARE Australia. Lauren is most passionate about seeing people live life rather than exist in it.

If you are after energy and accountability, a coffee or a glass of red, Lauren is your lady!

To find out even more about us and how we can work with you, download our Media Kit - Moxxi Media Pack_2014

Award Nominations

Multiple 2014 Award Nominee.


"I loved Lauren and her team, She helped me to get my head in the game!
-- Sarah William

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