All That Glitters Is Not Gold

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I received an email last week titled ‘I made $355 000 in sales in my first 6 months of business’.

Now I’m not saying it’s impossible, in fact, it is very possible, however knowing this person’s strategy in business the rage version of Lauren began to rear her ugly head.

There is enough media out there to make us feel like miserable failures, bending information to make yourself look better just doesn’t help.

I believe this person made $355 000 in sales, but the key in that sentence is sales. This does not mean money in their pocket.

Still props to this person, that’s an impressive figure!

The problem is the blog post that accompanied it gave the ‘steps to do this too’ with ‘know your market’, ‘take nice photo’s’ and ‘advertise’ however at NO POINT did it mention selling other people’s products…

I don’t know exact figures as I’ve never seen their balance sheet but I would hazard to say a large portion of this sales figure is due to affiliate sales, or promoting other people’s products to their list.

Every sale made they make a commission.

So yes they still make money but it sure as hell ain’t huge profit.

I’m all for this process, I think it’s great to offer products which could be of interest to your list to improve their lives, but that’s not really the point.

The point is, if you succeed, congratulations, but let’s be honest about the days where you are crumbled up on the floor, with snot coming out of your face because you can’t integrate 2 seemingly simple softwares.

Or the moment you realise you haven’t showered for 3 days, and even worse, don’t care enough to do anything about it.

The days you freak out because you don’t know whether you are good enough, or if someone is going to think you a fraud.

As women in particular we have horrific comparison problems. I know I struggle with Instagram because I don’t feel I’m pretty enough (see earlier comment on showering) and I don’t buy flowers, own an enviable wardrobe or have matching glassware!

I look at people who tell me they made $X and wonder how?? And what am I doing wrong???

I fight the fat demons and the to desire crawl in a hole and not speak to people for days.

Not everything in life is as rosy as we make it look.

So please, for crying out loud, stop representing bullshit!

After coaching women from all over the world, from broke to multimillionaires, overweight to physique models, outgoing to quiet as a mouse I have realised we ALL have the same insecurities. We all think other people have the secret and we are mostly just bluffing our way through life the best way we know how!

So take a minute to pat yourself on the back and realise that you actually fabulous and can take it up to the next level.

All that you see and read isn’t as beautiful as it seems!

Take notice of wording, angles, lighting and any other magical techniques and cut yourself some slack x

Be courageous…

Are you ready to take your good life to great? It starts with your mindset and that, my courageous friend, is my game. Pop your details in below and let’s have a seriously successful time together!

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