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From The Laptop of Lauren Heys Founder of Moxxi

Dear courageous women,

Do you ever sit and think about all the things you want to do?

Dream of the places you would go, the people you would see and the awesome woman you would be?

And then all of a sudden reality comes crashing in.

Bills, commitments, family...

When you dare to tell people about your dreams they shut you down and tell you that you are 'crazy' or remind you of all the things that could possibly go wrong.

It's legitimately the worst!

Well, you incredible woman, I just want to be the person to tell you that these dreams are not as far away as you think.

And most of all... you are good enough!

In coaching women all over the world I've come to realise that most of us, no matter what phase of life we are in, have exactly the same fears and very similar struggles. I promise you it's true. No matter how much money, what size, relationship status or <insert your favourite compare with others point here> every woman has that fear that they are not good enough. Crazy huh! The differences between the one's that go out and get what they want in their life and the ones that don't are fairly simple.

  1. They are clear on exactly what they want.
  2. They know their purpose and values.
  3. They move even when they feel the fear.
  4. They surround themselves with incredible people.
  5. They thrive on accountability.

Yup, five simple principles.

At Moxxi we are all about working with women to build a strong and powerful mindset which will form the foundations of success, in whatever form it takes for them.

We believe women are the most powerful force on earth when they support each other and build each other up in love and respect.

Basically, women rock!

As the founder of Moxxi I'm definitely not immune to the challenges of life and the feeling of being lost. If you haven't read my story the basic gist is that I lost nearly quarter of a million dollars doing all of the wrong things to try and get this baby off the ground.

What I did learn from that though was the power of mindset, the ability to keep going in the face of fear, look for answers when things seem hopeless and ask for help even when I wanted to crawl into a hole.

Mindset is crucial.

So are good people.

Which is why I've create the Courageous Collective. A hub for incredible women to train their brain, get clear on what they want and be held to account by some of the most awesome women they will ever know.

A place where you are expected to get results.

We all have bad days, there's no doubt about that, but when you have a community of people cheering for you and coming up with answers it's pretty hard not to find a solution!

Oh and then there's me.

My clients call me the Velvet Sledgehammer because I'm tough but with love. I don't pull punches, I don't skirt around the issue but I do care deeply about the wellbeing and success of my clients.

So put it all together and you've got a pretty sweet mix.

It's hard not to be incredible with a community of women behind you!

How it all works

Each month we will bring focus to a different area of life.

You'll be given activities and coaching around this area to up level.

You have 24 hour access to a Facebook community to ask as many questions as you like and also be held to account for the actions you are going to take to create magnificence in your life.

It's pretty simple in design, which to me gets the best results!

  • Incredible women to support you
  • Brain training to set your default to success
  • Accountability to make sure you get results
  • Q & A's with Lauren Heys
I'm In!$9 for the first month and $39 per/m onwards

Magnificent Erin

Lauren you are my Brain Miyagi. Before I worked with you I had life 'worked out' in the most boring way and now I'm a life ninja! I had no real idea what I wanted and now I'm off building an empire, I'm happier, healthier and more motivated then I've ever been. P.s. Many more adventures to be had!

- Erin, Pharmacist turned Property Ninja

Incredible Amanda

I have found Moxxi Lady to be of huge benefit to my life and career. Lauren has strategically assisted me to improve all areas of my life and has transformed my business. Her professionalism in such a fragile space is a testament to her understanding of businesswomen. There is no challenge I have had that Lauren has not been able to help me overcome, and no call she has ever been unavailable for.

Lauren is supportive, passionate and very thorough in her work. She is kind but firm. Attentive but not over-involved. I trust Lauren and her methodologies and highly recommend her for any businesswoman who wishes to reach that next set of goals and make a plan for the future.

- Amanda, The Interluxe

Mastering your mindset will radically transform your life – it’s that important. How do I know? Because I have been where you are…

Meet Lauren

Lauren is a mindset coach who is a lover of all things life.

Hailing from Tasmania and one of 60 grandchildren, Lauren will be one of the most motivating and energised people you’ve ever met.

With a penchant for extreme sports and adventure, Lauren tries everything twice and always gives 100%.

Never known as ‘normal’ Lauren bought her first house at 17 and worked 2 jobs through uni.

She spent close to a decade in the corporate world climbing the ladder at Accenture and Ernst & Young as well as a stint in international aid at CARE Australia.

In 2013 Lauren started Moxxi and is most passionate about seeing people live life rather than exist in it.


As a coach she is known as the Velvet Sledgehammer. Lauren doesn’t pull punches and it shows in the results of her clients.

She is the creator the Moxxi Lady program, an online program created for women who want to live an epic life.

Lauren works with private clients all over the world to get crystal clear on what they want, design a map to get there and most of all build a mindset to make sure the dreams become a reality!

If you are after clarity, energy and accountability, a coffee or a glass of red, Lauren is your lady!

That's why I created Moxxi...

Kelly Found Her Direction

Emily Found Her Tribe

Even if you’re amazing, 'cause let's face it, you are! It's time to take it up a level... epic is waiting!

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