Getting Comfortable With Making Money

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Last night I had a catch up with the ladies in Moxxi Lady Online.

It’s always a hilarious, heartfelt and educational evening… and I get to drink wine!

One of the incredible women asked a really pertinent question: I thought that money wasn’t important to me, but since starting Moxxi I’ve realised it is. I want to make awesome money, but I also feel a bit uncomfortable about that. How can I be comfortable with making money?

First, if I can just say YES! As a coach I’m always super chuffed when women come to this realisation.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy financial stress, it’s not fun.

So many of us grow up with the belief that money is evil, that you ‘shouldn’t’ want money, that it’s somehow bad to desire anything other than financial mediocrity. We shy away from opportunities, squander financial gain and so often find ourselves wondering whether we truly deserve wealth.

This is why I love the question; how do I get comfortable with making money.

It hits right at the root of what’s really going on… changing your relationship with money.

In order to attract it money needs to be appreciated. I know that sounds strange but hear me out here.

Money is an energy, just like everything. If you told your friends, or probably even more so your other half, that you only needed them enough to survive, how long do you think they will hang around for?

Not long.

Well stop telling money that! Seriously.

Money needs to be appreciated and given a purpose, made to feel special.

So give it a home, let it know that you appreciate it and that it has a purpose, it’s not just there to be used at a whim.

When I came across this theory I laughed out loud, cynical little bunny that I was!

With this approach though I realised that money had a bigger purpose, that it wasn’t there to satisfy my immediate need and was instead designed to create something, build something and ultimately work in partnership with me.


The money came, the money stayed and most of all the money grew.

When you change your relationship with money, everything else changes.

You also get stuck in a financial status that you are comfortable at. There is a lot of safety in staying at whatever level you are. You get used to it, even if it’s being broke. You know how to handle it, how to complain about it. Who to hang around with etc.

The thought of making more in itself can send you into a financial spin. What would you do with more money? Is it too much responsibility? What if you lost it? What if other people tried to take it from you?

All these fears keep you in the same place.

Simply recognising these fears can equip you with strategies to combat them. Figure out a plan of what you would do with the money, how you would give it structure so it can grow for you and how to look after it so it doesn’t go walk-about.

Lastly examine your patterns.

What happens when you see money in your bank? What happens when you see people with money? What happens when you get paid?

Noticing your default reactions and then replacing these with new positive behaviours will very quickly see you making a difference in your own financial abundance.

I could talk about this topic forever! I love seeing women embrace their own financial abundance and truly know that they can create a life where they can be more and give more to those around them through wealth in more ways than one.

Last comment before I go: Remember, money makes you more of what you are, if you are a mean person you will become a meaner person, if you are a wonderful human then you’ll become a wonderful human with more resources x.

Be courageous…



Are you ready to take your good life to great? It starts with your mindset and that, my courageous friend, is my game. Pop your details in below and let’s have a seriously successful time together!

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