Goals: Good or Evil?

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You wake up and today’s going to be the day, the day you go out and you take the action to reach your goals.

The glossy magazine photo’s you have pasted around your room are staring back at you waiting for you to drive that car, fit that dress and go on that holiday…


Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good vision board, there is plenty of evidence of the power of immersing yourself in a future state, but that’s a story for another time.

Today I want to pose a question: Are goals the source of all productivity or source of frustration?

For as long I remember I have been taught to set SMARTER goals, and live focused on something.

The problem with this is I get really fit, and then I get really fat. I get really rich and then really broke etc. etc.

For a while I thought it was just me, that I liked to do things all or nothing, crazy huh! Maybe not, over the last few years of coaching hundreds of women around the world I realise that my version of crazy is actually quite common…

In my experience goals have a place but too much of a focus creates a weird emotional and motivational response.

Especially as women we have a tendency to want to do things perfect, first time every time. When we set goals we want the dream, the whole picture, the wealth, the health, the happiness.

We know that these things take work, on a theory level, but when we start working towards those goals it all seems so impossible, so painful. So we stop.

It’s not the goals that are demotivating but the way we approach it. In my experience we don’t breakdown our goals into chunks and create a new way of being… we go all in or or we go nowhere!

The problem with starting after a goal with gusto and then getting overwhelmed and stopping is that it creates a neural pattern or a belief that this is how you ‘always behave’ and who ‘you are’; hence me thinking I was an  all or nothing kind of person!

Once this happens it’s very easy to only perform to your best when goal deadlines are close.

Instead of being goal oriented I ask my clients to create a new normal, a way of living that encompases the elements that they wish to have in their lives such as health, wealth and happiness which will eventually lead them to their goals.

Goals are great, for short spurts and sprints, but building a life based on a ‘normal’ that get’s results is significantly powerful!

Want to create a new normal? Start with upgrading your mindset.

You’ve got this 🙂

Be courageous…



Are you ready to take your good life to great? It starts with your mindset and that, my courageous friend, is my game. Pop your details in below and let’s have a seriously successful time together!

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