How To Always Take Action, Even When You Don’t Want To!

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You’ve hear me talk about it all the time. If you want results you must take consistent action.

But how?

I get a lot of emails from women who feel stuck. They want a lot of different results in their life but they don’t feel like they are getting anywhere.

Their life has been a history of doing a great job and being super motivated for a month and then everything falls seems to fall apart.

Even the things that you are naturally good at seem to go by the wayside. For example, naturally tidy and organised women are now staring at huge piles of paperwork stacked up all around the house.

So how do you make it consistent?

In my clients its very much about their values. Understanding the values that lead them to be who they are today. Many of my clients are holding themselves to the standards which they used to live by that no longer work with their goals or stage of life.

For example if you used to be sure tidy but now you are a mother of 4 kids and your #1 value is family and providing great experiences for them then tidyiness may no longer be a value for you.

Being really honest about where you are and what your values are will allow you to forgive yourself a little more.

In saying this look at the values you will need to have to create the life you want to live and start living with those in mind.

The second way to make sure you stay motivated is to plan to succeed.

When I say this most people pull a face that screams ‘gross’, but I’m serious.

One of the things we do really well is overwhelm ourselves. We want to get ripped, tidy our house, run successful business, prepare all our meals, have a great relationship, perfectly behaved kids and fabulously coordinated outfits.

I’m exhausted just writing that!

At Moxxi we plan a year in advance, theming each quarter to really take advantage of progressing in stages. We plan each quarter, breaking it down into months, weeks and days.

This takes away the overwhelm.

You wake up every day knowing what you need to do to succeed. It also stops you from trying to do everything today, leading to a greater likelihood of success.

Once you’ve got this plan it’s about manipulating who you are to make sure it happens.

Yup you heard me.

Let’s face it, not many of us are awesome and self motivated every single day. So what can you do to create accountability and force yourself to succeed.

For example I’m naturally quite messy, my house is always clean but you may not be able to see the floor. I know something about myself though, if I have friends over I want my house to be spotless.

Knowing this I make a habit of inviting friends around regularly which then forces me to abide by my values and clean the darn house, even if I don’t want to. Another thing is that I work really well to a deadline, and having people over means the couple of hours before I’ll be cleaning like a banshee!

So what do you need to do to take away the ‘self motivation’ and instead create habits of success?

Be courageous…


Are you ready to take your good life to great? It starts with your mindset and that, my courageous friend, is my game. Pop your details in below and let’s have a seriously successful time together!

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