How To Get Over Feeling Jealous

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You know the feeling, you have a great idea, maybe an outfit you want to wear or a business you would like to start. It’s a great idea. You love it!
So you google.

And then all the evil voices come to play!

There are already so may people doing what you want to do, wearing what you want to wear… they are doing it so well. They have great Instagram accounts, a loyal following and better bone structure.

There’s no way you could possibly be that good, look that well co-ordinated… and let’s be honest can you even really be bothered doing all that work?

Seriously, Ugg boots are perfectly acceptable Saturday attire!

As women we have a super power in comparing ourselves to others, and coming up short.

Everyone else seems so impressive, but we on the other hand just hum along with life. We do what we do, carry on with life.

But here’s the thing.

What you do naturally is awesome.

I often don’t ‘feel’ like I do anything special, but then someone says to me “You are Lauren Heys, you bought a house when you were 17, dropped out of a 6 figure job at 26 to start a business and you have clients all over the world”.

My natural reaction is to shrug my shoulders and say ‘yeah, but that’s just what I do’.

I’m impressed by women with children, women who are patient, people committed to their physical health… things that I don’t have or do naturally.

Can you see my point?

You see we focus on all the things we don’t have or don’t naturally do and somehow thing that these things should come naturally to us.

We compare our ‘learning areas’ to other’s natural genius.

Of course we are going to come up short!

So the first step to getting over feeling inadequate and making a move to live an incredible life is to really understand what you do naturally well. Embrace your genius and you will start to truly build confidence.

Secondly you must understand what you want to do and very importantly why you want to do it.

This is vital to getting over jealousy because it creates a desire to achieve, not just attempt.

So often we have these ‘wants’. We want to have more money, more time, better health, a wonderful relationship… but we aren’t committed.

It’s a nice idea.

Knowing what you want and why you want it creates an anchor for the work required to get there. It also stops the shiny object syndrome (squirrel), as you are focused on an outcome.

Thirdly start appreciating those who have what you want. Instead of swearing about them and claiming it’s ‘luck’ or ‘cheating’, be impressed by what they have achieved. Follow them, if you can ask them questions. These people have achieved these things though some pattern of behaviour, so what can you learn from them?

Doing this also trains your brain to expect people to enjoy your success rather than pull you down, because that’s what you are doing for others. Nice little bonus hey!

When you start appreciating yourself, get clear on what you want and surround yourself with the success you desire you’ll begin to see the possibilities.

In my experience it takes a little while, but once you make these changes the success comes, whatever you want it to be.

Before I sign off I just want to remind you how incredible you really are. You may not see it every day, but those around you do. Those in your life need you to live the best life you can. You don’t have to be the best (what does the best even mean?) but know that no matter what you can inspire, influence and make a difference.

Someone in the world need to hear what you have to say.

Someone in the world needs to see what you’ve got.

Be courageous… I believe in you!



Are you ready to take your good life to great? It starts with your mindset and that, my courageous friend, is my game. Pop your details in below and let’s have a seriously successful time together!

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