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I’m getting lighter. Not lighter in kilos but lighter in mind. I have less weight on my shoulders, more clarity of mind, a spring in my step, and a greater sense of calmness is coming over me. Why? I’m moving house. SAY WHAT? “Isn’t moving house supposed to be one of the most stressful things you can ever do?” I hear you ask. Yes, it is!

In the past I have dreaded moving and it has caused many tears. In my early 20s I clocked up 14 moves in 6 years, including twice internationally. It was SO exhausting to the point that I recall one of the moves I asked my mum to do it for me as I just couldn’t bring myself to re-pack my stuff. I sat on the floor with boxes around me as she kindly asked me if I was ‘keeping or throwing’.

This time is different. For one, I’m moving into a place that I own and I’m doing it with my partner and we’re having a lot of fun as it’s our first home together. But the real kicker is I’m downsizing, de-cluttering, and getting rid of everything I don’t want that I’ve kept for far too long and that I don’t need anyway. It is SO refreshing, empowering, and rewarding!

I’ve got my eBay account on fire, have family and friends putting dibs on items, have joined the local Freecycle network, have taken a ute full of junk to the tip, a ute full of bags and boxes to my local charity shop, and we have a hard rubbish collection later this week. Each time someone takes an item away I feel lighter and I literally skip back into my new place, loving that there is less clutter, less things, and more SPACE. I think I have almost gotten rid of half of what I own (particularly in the wardrobe department!).

It’s funny how I never realised how much all the ‘stuff’ was weighing me down. It’s not just that my house had more things in it, but in reality it was me not being settled. I was feeling disorganised and overwhelmed. I was hanging onto things in my past even when they didn’t suit my life anymore – things that had sat at the bottom of a drawer or in a box in a cupboard for YEARS and never been touched. Now that I’m ready to start the next chapter of my life I’m shedding those things with no regret, in fact I’m doing so with glee!

The fact is, we don’t need half of what we have! We definitely don’t need to hold on to things that don’t suit our life anymore – just because you paid a motza for that jacket doesn’t mean you need to keep it! If it doesn’t fit, you don’t like it, or you haven’t worn it or used it for years – why would you punish yourself by looking at it each time you open your cupboard?

I hereby challenge you to go and remove 5 things upon finishing reading this! Post them to eBay, chuck them out, or give them away. Take a look around your home and enjoy clearing the clutter to make room for new and ‘you’ things in your life! Share what you have removed with us in the comments below and send this on to a friend who you know could do with losing some ‘weight’.

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