Permission Granted To Live Your EPIC Life

Learn How To Fearlessly Create the Life YOU Want

(without looking selfish, materialistic, or unrealistic)

With Lauren Heys...

Ever feel like you are living life the way you are "supposed to live"?

You know...

You went to school, got good grades, landed a decent job that pays the bills and a few nice holidays... you have a car, a home and your on the right path with the marriage/family thing.

You should be grateful right? Everyone around you is telling you how great you've got it... but you feel like there's got to be more to it!

Prepare yourself...

What I am about to say is going to turn your world upside down and change your life in a very good way

But before I get into the juicy details, I should let you know that what you are about to read is not meant for everyone.

What does that even mean?

It means that some people are action takers and some are not.

Magnificent MOXXi Lady

Lauren you are my Brain Miyagi. Before I worked with you I had life 'worked out' in the most boring way and now I'm a life ninja! I had no real idea what I wanted and now I'm off building an empire, I'm happier, healthier and more motivated then I've ever been. P.s. Many more adventures to be had!

- Erin, Pharmacist turned Property Ninja

Moxxi is known for massive results and exceptional women who support each other to live their version of success. No excuses.

We are all ABLE to be an action taker... very few truly are...

Let me give you an example.

During my first launch, two of the women paid to go through the Moxxi Lady program.

One wanted to launch an online business so she could quit her full time job and take an extended vacation while still "working" from wherever she was traveling.

She'd gone to school and even had a degree in business.

She was outgoing and intelligent.

She told me she was eager to start the program and get her online business started.

She paid for the Moxxi Program and got immediate access.

She 'should' have succeeded, on paper she had everything she needed... But guess what?

She never even started the first module.

After several attempts to contact her, I finally gave up.

A while back, she sent me an email saying that she had lost her job and that she was having a hard time paying the bills and wanted her money back.

Magnificent MOXXi Lady

Ode to the velvet sledgehammer

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Last time I ran my own coaching business I ended up in debt, stressed out and needing to take a J.O.B. I knew this time round something had to change! Enter Lauren from Moxxi!

In the space of 10 months in business I have taken my business from 0 to making 85K in the next financial year, landed a paid speaking gig, paid off debts, outsourced my marketing so I can do what I’m passionate about and impacted the world of so many women that suffer from emotional eating. I would not have achieved these results if it wasn’t for Lauren’s guidance and support. There were a few extra bonuses along the way that I didn’t expect! I learnt to love myself and finally started to see my own value. I faced fears, chased what I’m really passionate about and pushed through limited thinking to take my life to the next level. The biggest surprise of all was attracting a beautiful man into my life after being single for 3 years.

-  Kim Stevenson, Transformations By Kim and Australian Record Holder

Now, the other woman that paid to go into the program was very different.

She was insecure and didn't think she would ever amount to anything in life.

She was a single mother of three young kids, living in a small two bedroom apartment.

Her dating life was a disaster which she chose to ignore after a bad breakup two years prior.

When applying for the Moxxi Lady Program, she said she wanted to have more time with the kids and she wanted to give love another chance.

But she was terrified.

I read all of her assignments over two weeks (she went through the entire program in two weeks while her kids were with their dad!).

She struggled.

It wasn't easy for her to answer some of the questions.

She had a pretty brutal childhood and there was a lot of nasty stuff she needed to deal with and put behind her.

But guess what?

She started to believe she was good enough, that she was created for something more than she had chosen for her life so far...

As a results she plucked up the courage to put herself out there!

With a little help on her dating ad, she was able to attract a wonderful man into her life.

In fact, she is now engaged and running a full time daycare in her home and has more time with the people she loves.

One woman took action, the other did not. Simple.

Katherine's Finally Found The Get Up And Go!

This is why I want you to ask yourself the question, are you willing to do the work?

It's ok if you don't know if you are good enough, because you are!

I know this because it's the most common fear for women, and women are succeeding everywhere. You just need to follow the formula and take the action.

Now, I'm not in this to send you broke, so if you really can't afford the investment then please wait till the next round... BUT if you are using money as something to hide behind ask yourself this question... what does it cost to not take action?

I've been there, living the life I 'should', too scared to truly be me (because I'm weird as anything!) and waiting until <insert goal> to happen before I could be happy!

As a Moxxi Lady you will know who you are, what you stand for and why you love all of it. You'll be courageous. You'll take the leaps and you'll have the friends around you to make it happen.

As a by product you'll be healthier, happier and more than likely earn more money!

BUT... If you are doing this because you're hoping to become rich in the next 60 days, get off this ride before it even starts. I am in this with you for results.


It takes time. Dedication. Hard work.

And COURAGE. That's right...courage.

The Moxxi program is designed for women who want to transform

their without spending months or years to make it happen.

The proven strategies you’ll learn are based on science and human behavior...not wishy washy hummy bollocks!

The systems I teach are fun and easy to implement quickly so you can start making changes FAST.

The techniques and advice most people spend years trying to discover will be at your fingertips so you can figure out how to go after what you REALLY want... love, health, business, travel... Channing Tatum, you name it!

This program isn't for everyone though.

To be a Moxxi Lady you must be an action taker.

You must want more.

You must want to support those around you.

And if you snowboard or drink wine, that helps!

Tell me, do you...

Magnificent MOXXi Lady

I have attended the Moxxi workshops and been fortunate to have Lauren as my personal coach. Lauren is one of the most motivating and energised people I have ever met. She is committed to results and has held me accountable for pursuing and realising my goals.

- Paula, Child Protection Consultant

Here’s a small taste of what you will get out of the Moxxi Program:

6 weeks of online magnificence with a step by step program leading you through everything you need to know to create an epic life.

PLUS a community of women who truly love you.

PLUS live hangouts each week to ask all the questions that you could possibly want.

PLUS SPECIAL BONUS: 2 FULL DAYS face to face with Lauren and the other Moxxi Ladies to reset, revitalise and go full steam ahead.

Gain confidence and courage while interacting with other Moxxi Ladies in an EXCLUSIVE and private Facebook group where all the girl talk happens!

Get the tools you need to build the life you want - WITH COURAGE and action.

Understand what REALLY drives you so you can connect to your purpose and be clear on what you want.

Learn how to drive your life, your love life, work life, business, or otherwise, in the direction you want it to go instead of letting it drift around on auto pilot - or worse, parked, with no fuel and going nowhere fast.

Follow the easy to use, step by step system to redesign your life permanently, not just cleaning things up and making it look good for a couple of days.

Find out what motivation really means, how to get more of it, and why so many women live miserable lives waiting for things to 'be right' (bonus: how you can inspire and "feed" motivation to everyone around you just by being who you really are).

Find out IF and WHY you need to redesign your life at all (a short assessment to reveal whether you have been living the life you want or if you've just been following someone else's dream for your life). Spoiler alert: most people over the age of 35 admit that they still do things to keep their parent's favor even if it's self sacrificing.

Kelly Now Has Direction

I'm Ready!1 Payment of $997
I'm Ready!3x Payments of $397

Magnificent MOXXi Lady

I have found Moxxi Lady to be of huge benefit to my life and career. Lauren has strategically assisted me to improve all areas of my life and has transformed my business. Her professionalism in such a fragile space is a testament to her understanding of businesswomen. There is no challenge I have had that Lauren has not been able to help me overcome, and no call she has ever been unavailable for.

Lauren is supportive, passionate and very thorough in her work. She is kind but firm. Attentive but not over-involved. I trust Lauren and her methodologies and highly recommend her for any businesswoman who wishes to reach that next set of goals and make a plan for the future.

- Amanda, The Interluxe

Erin Took Her Good Life to Exceptional!

Get dirty and make things beautiful in your life all at the same time by doing ONE thing that 35% of people will NEVER do.

Understand why so many women are a combination of addicted to misery and a control freak which results in accepting an 'average' life and so much worse!

Find out what mindset shifting is and how to use it to make new friends, start over in life, finish your degree, start a business, make more money, or start saying "no" when people invite you to events you really don't want to attend.

Define and assess your biggest fears/challenges, squash them entirely, and replace them with a system that will have you making leaps and bounds that'll have your friends wide eyed and disbelieving.

Discover what a "Moxxi Mindset" is and how you can harness the power within yourself to approach life with a positive and enthusiastic approach (even if you're having a bad hair day or your plans get cancelled after you spend hours doing your makeup!)

What else will you learn???

Transform your life from boring, mundane and ordinary into a life that drives people toward you.

Learn how to build a routine that gives you time to do things that YOU want... I know it sounds boring, but it's awesome!

Find out how to deal with life when $h!t hits the fan and you want eat an entire tub of icecream while hiding under a blanket and watching Bridget Jones Diary.

Decide what is serving your long term purpose/goals and what needs to be thrown out and how you can do this repeatedly (daily, weekly...even hourly if you need to).


Create a value driven life rather than an activity driven life and how you can align the two so they compliment one another and ultimately leave you satisfied and happy with your life goals.

How and why you would ever want or need to change your existing values in order to get the most life has to offer.

Define your life goals and your purpose by using passions, tools, and attraction in this unique way (hint: this is what made me decide to go to work late, resign from my job of ten years, and then start living the life that I wanted...and it just might help you take control of your life in a similar way - and fearlessly).

Get access to the six week training modules, editable pdf's, private/exclusive Facebook group networking, peer to peer feedback and referrals that will put you ON TOP without wanting to pull your hair out.

Get first dibs on events and masterminds within the Moxxi program before they are revealed to the public!


Your life is waiting, what are you going to do about it?

So, how much does it cost?

Learning this information on my own has cost me nearly half a million dollars and over 13 years of training, attending seminars, events, and masterminds, and even some trial and error.

I don’t want it to cost you that much money or take you that much time.

I want to see you succeed , asap!

So, if I hear from you today, and if you qualify, the cost will be three monthly payments of $397.

If you prefer to pay in full and get a discount, the cost is one payment of $997.

It's a drop in the ocean, but as a woman it takes a LOT of courage to put yourself first and invest in your future.

Trust me on this... you are worth it!

I'll see the action takers on the inside!

I'm Ready! To Become A Moxxi Lady1 Payment of $997
I'm Ready! To Become A Moxxi Lady3x Payments of $397

Magnificent MOXXi Lady

Moxxi gave me the opportunity to really consider what my values, dreams, aspirations and passions were.  It allowed me to think outside the here and now and consider just how amazing life could be.  The program also gave me access to someone to help me process what I found out about myself.  I was supported the whole way through. I was encouraged. I was reminded that I was amazing. I was surrounded by a group of amazing women on the same journey, but all with different destinations.  There were tears, there was a bit of tough love. There was hope. There was genuine support.

The velvet sledgehammer is an apt term for Lauren's style of coaching.

Thank you Lauren. You were right. It was exactly what I needed!

- Kelly, Arbonne

Mastering your mindset will radically transform your life – it’s that important. How do I know? Because I have been where you are…

Meet Lauren

Lauren is a mindset coach who is a lover of all things life.

Hailing from Tasmania and one of 60 grandchildren, Lauren will be one of the most motivating and energised people you’ve ever met.

With a penchant for extreme sports and adventure, Lauren tries everything twice and always gives 100%.

Never known as ‘normal’ Lauren bought her first house at 17 and worked 2 jobs through uni.

She spent close to a decade in the corporate world climbing the ladder at Accenture and Ernst & Young as well as a stint in international aid at CARE Australia.

In 2013 Lauren started Moxxi and is most passionate about seeing people live life rather than exist in it.



As a coach she is known as the Velvet Sledgehammer. Lauren doesn’t pull punches and it shows in the results of her clients.

She is the creator the Moxxi Lady program, an online program created for women who want to live an epic life.

Lauren works with private clients all over the world to get crystal clear on what they want, design a map to get there and most of all build a mindset to make sure the dreams become a reality!

If you are after clarity, energy and accountability, a coffee or a glass of red, Lauren is your lady!

That's why I created The MOXXi Lady Program...

I created the Moxxi Lady Program to inspire a movement of passionate and vibrant women.

After seeing women sell themselves short and back away from their dreams for over a decade I decided I wanted to understand why so many of us live a life like we 'should'.

Since starting Moxxi I have seen some of the most incredible transformations, achievements and life changing decisions made with exceptional women all around the globe!

Join the family of fitter, healthier, wealthier, happier and courageous women to help you reach your goals!


Even if you’re amazing, 'cause let's face it, you are! It's time to take it up a level... epic is waiting!

I'm Ready To Make A ChangeEnrol Now For Only $997

Emily Found Her Tribe

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You'll love it, but if you don't I'll give you your money back. If you do the work and you don't get the results I'd hate that! So buckle in, you'll love it.