Starving Ourselves In A World Of Abundance

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In a world full of information and intelligence it constantly astounds me the number of fad diets the ladies I meet are telling me about. Haven’t we learned from decades of health studies and battles with body image and self-esteem that there is no such thing as a quick fix? Now I’m all for a kick start of some sort – a flush out of the system, a clean out of the fridge or an accelerated exercise routine, but the additional things people pay big bucks for never ceases to amaze me!

The latest one I have had the pleasure of being told ‘will be the best thing that ever happened to…’ is the adding a hormone which is only present when pregnant into your diet would be the next craze? Now I get the impression this hormone is not cheap – but wait there is more! I forgot to mention – you also only consume 500 calories a day and go through an intense detox phase.

As I sit politely and listen to an incredibly beautiful, driven woman rave about how this is going to be her ‘thing’ this fad diet is going to give her the body and life she wants it’s all I can do to not reach across the table and slap her perfectly applied NAS blushed cheek! I don’t mean to be rude, but what on earth does a hormone have to do with weight loss when you are cutting your caloric intake by over 2/3??? Honey – it’s not the hormone, which is said to suppress appetite, it’s the fact you AREN’T EATING!!!

Ok – so let’s talk some kind of science, we all agree we need to eat the right foods to fuel our body and give us the nutrients we need to pick the right outfit, summon witty responses and run away from the terrifying miniature poodle thing chasing us down the street, right? So how on earth is eating next to nothing going to be good for your body? Since I can remember the recommended mantra is eat like a king for breakfast, a queen for lunch and a pauper for dinner – this will equip you with the right amount of energy to be able to be productive and fabulous, without settling on your ass overnight. This diet recommends a cup of tea or coffee or SUGAR FREE CAFFEINATED SOFT DRINK, 1 poached egg and a strip of American bacon (think the size of your two middle fingers). Now I don’t know about you, but I would be ready to eat half my arm about 40 minutes after that breakfast. This meal has very little nutritional value, with no carbs, next to no vitamins or minerals, no calcium or basically anything important – and don’t get me started on the soft drink suggestion! What happened to a wholesome cooked breakfast with a side of fruit or maybe some avocado and spinach, tomatoes and fetta, or even porridge with apple and cinnamon? All these options will do more to fill you up, give you a vitamin hit and get you up and going for the day.

I won’t go into the rest of the diet suggestions, but the horrifying thing is that this diet is not an anomaly – if it isn’t this it’s that, and not a lot of them are good for you. Tell me what happens when you ‘finish’ your diet? I’ll tell you – you go on some crazy yo-yo eating cycle which makes you feel terrible and swear that your ass if following you around snacking it’s growing that quickly!

The funny thing about this is it’s actually not rocket science – eating healthy and in good quantities is what your body needs. Don’t starve it, that is only asking it to store fat once you eat something that you ‘shouldn’t’! Instead of taking things away from your diet try adding things in, like drinking more water, or adding broccoli to your dinner and a salad to your lunch. Adding the right foods will add nutrients to your body and it will nourish it, while not adding excessive calories. By eating MORE of the RIGHT foods you will actually feel happier, healthier and avoid the highs and lows of dieting. In addition to this you will start to build a positive and successful routine which will support you moving forward. By making these choices you are feeding a positive mindset and the all important belief system that you are a healthy person. The simple choice to diet, or exclude food, is telling your brain that you are a ‘fat’ or ‘unhealthy’ person trying to loose weight. This negative energy and belief system is the foundation for self sabotage and guilt – we’ve all been there, you know what I mean!

Believing you are a healthy person making good decisions for you and your body, nourishing it with the wonders that this earth offer, such as fruit, vegetables, meats and of course chocolate is the only way to live a healthy and happy life. This belief and the subsequent behaviours become a constant wheel of evidence supporting your awesomeness! Who knows you may even throw some exercise in there!

Stop being a bitch to your body, believe me – eating lemons for a month is NOT GOOD FOR YOU! Eat for crying out loud – eat well, and be grateful for the ease in which our society can obtain food and nourish our bodies!

Be courageous…

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