I have attended the Moxxi workshops and been fortunate to have Lauren as my personal coach. Lauren is one of the most motivating and energised people I have ever met. She is committed to results and has held me accountable for pursuing and realising my goals - Paula, Child Protection Consultant

Moxxi absolutely rocks!!! I totally recommend this to anyone who wants more in life. Working with the Moxxi Principles and with the unwavering support of Lauren and her team I have supercharged my mindset, set myself up for financial freedom and am living a more vibrant and courageous life. Thank you Moxxi, for giving me so much direction and awareness!

- Jo, Ernst & Young

We Are Committed To Building The Most Courageous, Vibrant, Happy Community Of Women

When I first met Lauren she talked so passionately about the Moxxi movement and I could instantly tell she was onto something brilliant and positively infectious. Moxxi women are real, their drive in life is to inject positive energy in people’s mindset and I am so glad that I came across them.

I think as women we naturally lend ourselves as support to those around us we love; offering wonderful advice to them but sometimes (and I am guilty) we don’t listen our own advice even though we whole-heartedly evoke it to others. Sometimes these Moxxi women are brutal with their honesty but that’s what I 100% adore about their business mantra. They don’t sugar coat their advice and when they offer support, I feel it’s genuine, it’s clear their secret ingredient is that they want to bring out the best in others and that is a truly beautiful thing. Recently I overcame what I tagged ‘my quarter life crisis’ and had really difficult times throughout this period. I needed someone to inspire me again, something to help me find my ‘inner goddess’. Lauren from Moxxi was my rock during this time and for that priceless support and wisdom I am forever grateful.

I would absolutely recommend Moxxi to anyone out there who is considering to reach out, it’s not as scary as it seems and I guarantee you that once you take the first step, exciting life changing experiences will come your way.

- Andrea, Marketing Maverick

I am enrolled in the Moxxi program and have found it of huge benefit to my life and career. Lauren has strategically assisted me to improve all areas of my life and has transformed my business. Her professionalism in such a fragile space is a testament to her understanding of businesswomen. There is no challenge I have had that Lauren has not been able to help me overcome, and no call she has ever been unavailable for. Lauren is supportive, passionate and very thorough in her work. She is kind but firm. Attentive but not over-involved. I trust Lauren and her methodologies and highly recommend her for any businesswoman who wishes to reach that next set of goals and make a plan for the future.

- Amanda, The Interlux

Moxxi gave me the opportunity to really consider what my values, dreams, aspirations and passions were.  It allowed me to think outside the here and now and consider just how amazing life could be.  The program also gave me access to someone to help me process what I found out about myself.  I was supported the whole way through. I was encouraged. I was reminded that I was amazing. I was surrounded by a group of amazing women on the same journey, but all with different destinations.  There were tears, there was a bit of tough love. There was hope. There was genuine support.

The velvet sledgehammer is an apt term for Lauren's style of coaching.

Thank you Lauren. You were right. It was exactly what I needed!

Kelly, Arbonne

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Multiple 2014 Award Nominee.


"I loved Lauren and her team, She helped me to get my head in the game!
-- Sarah William

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