The 7 Habits Of Courageous Women

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There is no doubt about it, the role of women in society is changing. We have the ability to work, play, provide and still enjoy our femininity. The morphing role of women in society will only escalate over the next few decades, and although this presents amazing opportunity it can also be downright scary!

As women we are genetically designed to care and nurture. To provide. To understand where all things are at – at any one time (yes, read control freak). We are designed to be collaborative and care, to bring out the best in people and help others shine. This is why we need courage. We need courage to step up, to shine and make the difference we want to in the world.

1) Courageous Women Put Themselves First

Self care has often been termed ‘selfish’ but I call bullsh*t. Courageous women know that when they get hungry, tired, unwell or overwhelmed they aren’t as amazing as they could be.

Courageous women understand what they need and aren’t afraid to ask for it! They are willing to say no and protect their sanity, even when others might complain.

2) Courageous Women Ditch The Ego And Move Towards Pain

Contrary to the popular definition of ego, I believe our ego our desire to ‘look good’ and ‘be right’. It is designed to keep us safe or ‘in our comfort zone’, in doing this you never rock the boat, never push the boundaries. You always look good.

When faced with moving outside of the comfort zone the ego cannot guarantee that you will look good and be right, therefore we welcome FEAR to the party!

Traditionally we are taught that fear is an indicator that we should retreat, run away.

What if fear doesn’t mean run away? Courageous women connect a different meaning to the feeling of fear – go towards!  Fear is the feeling attached to potential. Where fear is there opportunity lives.

Courageous women ditch their ego and break through their fears, they’ve done it once and they will do it again!

3) Courageous Women Are Vulnerable

The super woman doesn’t exist, and courageous women know that. They don’t buy into the Facebook/Instagram driven world where everyone looks perfect! Courageous women know they are not perfect and are willing to admit it.

They ask for help when they need it and are willing to open up and let themselves shine. Being comfortable with who you are is truly courageous… warts and all 🙂

4) Courageous Women Are Unreasonable

*ouch* – bare with me, it will makes sense! Courageous women avoid excuses, they take accountability for their sh*t and get it done. They don’t let ‘reasons’ or ‘excuses’ stop them from doing what they have committed to doing.

By being unreasonable they get up, get out and get it done. No. Matter. What.

5) Courageous Women Follow Their Values

They know what they want and why they want it. They act in the way that they wish to act. There is no right or wrong way, but you can tell a courageous woman from a mile off.

They turns up when they say’s she will, they follow their word and is predictable in their responses. You know where you stand before you even ask!

6) Courageous Women Let Others Shine

There is no need for a courageous woman to take the glory. They know where they stand and are willing to support others to succeed.

No tall poppy syndrome here!

7) Courageous Women Take Action (Even When They Don’t Feel Like It)

It’s easy to feel stuck in a rut, but courageous women know the best way out of a rut is momentum. There is no outcome in wallowing, so just get out and do it!

All women can be courageous. so go out and make that impact you were destined to make. Take your life to the next level and get excited about the opportunities you can take advantage of every single day!


Be courageous…


Are you ready to take your good life to great? It starts with your mindset and that, my courageous friend, is my game. Pop your details in below and let’s have a seriously successful time together!

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