The Power of Purpose

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Power of PurposeIt’s a naff term right? Purpose.

It depends on what meaning you attach to it. For me a purpose is the underlying driver of everything you do. It’s the reason you get up and do what you do. Connecting to your purpose gets you through the tough times and is something to hinge your successes off!

It’s a foundation not the be all and end.

Knowing it gives you clarity and direction, not a shining white light and high pitched singing.

If it’s a foundation is it really that important? YES! How often do you see people achieve beyond what you could have expected of them? There are stories everywhere of people achieving amazing things against all odds, and the one thing that is consistent among all of these people is an absolutely unwavering commitment to their purpose.  Steve Jobs, Brene Brown, Mark Zuckerberg, Lorna Jane – just to name a few.

Purpose drives them to achieve, it gives them the reason to continue and clear direction for their energy.

Another great thing your purpose give you are boundaries! Big emotional fences around relationships, health, happiness, essentially everything. Although boundaries may sound restrictive, they are magnificent. They allow you to say NO – with love and confidence!

Wouldn’t that be nice? You can stop doing things that you think ‘might’ be good, or you ‘should’ do, and instead seek out the opportunities, activities and relationships that serve your purpose and contribute to you achieving it!

Understanding your purpose gives you direction. There is nothing like knowing why you are doing some and the way you need to go to get there. If you don’t know where you are going you are likely to wander around for a while and then head back to where you came from, because at least it’s familiar!

I love this example: If you set off on a car trip and don’t have a destination, you will likely just turn around and come back home because it’s the only thing that’s familiar.

Screams comfort zone right!

Having clear direction gives clarity and strength. If you know where you are going and why you are going there you are more resilient and able to take on challenges with a positive attitude (which is significantly more attractive and successful then being a grump!).

Direction, enthusiasm and strength, this is the Power of Purpose!

Be courageous…

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